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Course Status

The Vardon Course - OPEN Trolleys and Buggies are permitted. Half Way House Open. Updated: 24th May 2024

The Rees Course - OPEN Trolleys and Buggies are permitted. Updated: 24th May 2024

South Herts Golf Club General Competitions

Terms and Rules 

Rules of Golf – All competitions shall be played in accordance with the R&A Rules of Golf and such Local Rules and Conditions of Competitions as shall be published. Local Rules are clearly marked on the score card provided and/or on the notice board situated in the corridor in the Gents Locker Room or the Ladies Hallways.
Amateur Status – All players must be of Amateur Status as defined by The Rules of Amateur Status.
Entry: Method and Fees – All entries must be completed and received by the date entries close as per the schedule for each competition. Entry must be accompanied by payment either by cheque (payable to South Herts Golf Club) or by debit/credit card or direct bank transfer or via the online portal. Entries without payment will not be accepted. No entry will be included unless complete in every detail. 

Entries received after the closing date will only be considered if the maximum field size has not been achieved. 

a)  Entries may be made online at the Club’s website In order to enter online a competitor must possess a WHS ID number. Unsuccessful entrants will be refunded in the same way that payment was made. 
b)  A PDF entry form may be downloaded from the Club’s website and may be returned by post to the Club’s registered office or emailed to 
c)  Entry by telephone is acceptable, providing that the details of each player is advised (home club and handicap WHS ID number) and full payment is received by debit/credit card at the time of the telephone call. 
d)  No entry fee will be refunded unless withdrawal is made before the closing date for entries, except to any entrant who may be balloted out and who does not subsequently compete. 
e)  All entries shall be subject to the approval of the Competitions Committee (Golf Sub-Committee) which reserves the right to accept, refuse or cancel without reason. The Committee’s decision will be final. 

Entry: Handicaps – 

a)  All players must be in possession of a WHS handicap with the appropriate level of handicap index at the time of entering or as relevant to the rules pertaining to each individual competition. 
b)  Any entry ballot will be based on the exact handicap index as at the closing date of the competition using the WHS system. Where a WHS number is not available players are required to notify the Club of any changes prior to the closing date. Note: It is the player’s responsibility to ensure their handicap index is up to date on the WHS system. South Herts Golf Club will not take responsibility for any out of date handicap used for ballot purposes 
c)  Overseas entries or those without a WHS Handicap will only be accepted when the player’s handicap is verified by their Home Union/Federation/Association 

Withdrawals – If a player withdraws from an event before the closing date for entry a full refund will be given. A player will forfeit their entry fee if: 

a)  they withdraw after the closing date or after the start sheet has been published (whichever comes first) 
b)  they fail to register at the registration desk on the day of the competition 
c)  they fail to appear on the tee at their appointed start time 
d)  having qualified to continue in an event, fails to do so* 

*If a competitor withdraws from the competition before the cut is made the players score shall still be included in determining the cut mark. 

Reserves – In the event that a competition is oversubscribed a reserve list will be maintained and managed by the Secretary. Should a place or places become available, reserves shall be invited to play in the order that they are listed.
In order to ensure a full field for any competition and at the sole discretion of the Managing Secretary a reserve(s) may be offered a place depending on whether they can be contacted irrespective of their position on the reserve list. At the discretion of the Secretary, where competitions require pairs/threes/fours, a substitution may be made for any team player in advance of the date of the competition or the first round closing date.
Registration – Players must register in person (if a team event, the lead player may register) at the appropriate registration desk on the day of the competition and at least 20 minutes prior to their start time.
Failure to do so will result in the player(s) forfeiting their place which will be offered to a reserve. The player(s) concerned will also forfeit their entry fee.

General conduct and Practice Round Regulations:-

a)  From registration and through to the close of the competition or match (including practice days) players must conduct themselves accordingly to the provisions of rule 1.2 of the R&A Rules of Golf and must not act in a manner which might bring the game or the Club into disrepute.
b)  During practice rounds one ball only may be played. A player may practice putting, but not chipping or bunker play, provided play is not unduly delayed.

Note: Trolleys must not be taken onto tees or between a greenside bunker and the green and/or onto the fringes of greens.
It would be appreciated if the making and receiving of telephone calls is done outside the Clubhouse and not on the Course whilst the competition is in progress, with the exception of a genuine emergency 

Clubs and Ball – Conforming driver heads and golf balls – an updated list of the equipment permitted is available on the R&A’s website –
Caddies–Reviewed upon request.  
Practice – Unless otherwise specified a practice round may be permitted (subject to advance booking and availability) and charged at the members’ guest rate
Returning score card – A players score card is deemed officially returned when they have left the recording office/area .
Result of a competition – The result of a match is deemed officially announced when it has been recorded by a club official. The result of a competition is deemed officially announced when the Trophy is presented to the winner or the results published on the Club’s website.
Decision of Ties – Ties for first place shall be decided on count back over the last 18, 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes. In the event of a tie in a match play event the first place shall be decided on a play-off over holes to be determined by the Golf Sub- Committee. If a further tie arises, first place will be decided over a sudden death play-off over holes to be determined by the Golf Sub- Committee. 
Inclement Weather – If in the opinion of the Golf Sub-Committee (or the Professional or the Secretary) it becomes impossible to play because of adverse weather conditions or other circumstances, the Committee may vary the conditions to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the time available.
In the event of thunder and lightning the Pro shop will signal a suspension of play for a dangerous situation with one long note of the Klaxon. This is the signal for everyone to mark their ball and evacuate the Course. People on the Course are responsible for their own actions in such a dangerous situation. If the weather improves (or the circumstance allows) play will resume. In the event that the competition is abandoned, there shall be no refunds of the entry fee and where possible the Golf Sub- Committee will re-schedule the competition for another date. If the player is unable to commit to the rescheduled date, the entry fee shall be refunded.
Trophies and Prizes - All trophies won by a player (s) will be held at the Club in the Trophy Cabinet and displayed with the winner (s) name. Unless otherwise stated, a player may not win more than one trophy in any competition but may win more than one prize voucher. 

Prizes will be awarded in goods, or a voucher to the value of the goods, from the Club’s Professionals Players must not ride on any form of transportation during any Club competition unless permission is given by the Secretary for the use of transportation on the grounds of a medical condition which has been confirmed in writing by a medical practitioner. 

Dress Code – Players and caddies must wear standard golf apparel, which includes tailored shorts – see the Club’s dress code. No outdoor coats/waterproofs or golf shoes are permitted in the Clubhouse.
Health and Safety–The Club owns a defibrillator which is located at the entrance into the main lounge area. All players are expected to familiarise themselves with the fire exits. Should the fire alarm sound, all players must immediately vacate the clubhouse by the nearest fire exit and assemble in the car park adjacent to the main entrance, until notified that it is safe to return. 
Liability-The Club cannot be held responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal items or equipment whilst on the premises.
Disputes - In all disputes the Competition Committee’s decision is final. 
The Club reserves the right to refuse entry. 
We encourage and promote “Ready Golf” with the aim to encourage faster round times to improve pace of play. 

Players should play when they are ready to do so. Ready golf does not apply in match play, but all players are expected to play ready golf in all other formats. 

South Herts Club Club– Conditions Amended January 2022

  • History

    South Herts Golf Club was founded by the Committee and members of Muswell Hill Golf Club.

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    The 18-hole 6,435 yards Vardon Course is one of the longer courses in the local area.

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    We are currently welcoming visitors weekdays only.

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  • Pro Shop

    Pro staff are always happy to advise members and visiting golfers on the most appropriate equipment.

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  • Our Courses

    The Vardon Course was originally designed by the twice Open winner Willie Park Junior.

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    The bars and lounges provide comfortable surroundings in which to enjoy a drink with friends after a game.

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