South Herts Golf Club

SHGC - Mid Am (R1)

Wednesday 27th September 2023, Purple Tees, South Herts Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Grant Popham(5)  Chelmsford67
2nd Franchua Dixon(10)  Stevenage69
2nd Steven Ferris(4)  Muswell Hill69
4th Ryan Summers(10)  Radyr Golf Club71
4th satoshi oguri(10)  Muswell Hill71
4th Ian Burke(8)  The Millbrook71
7th Samuel Patterson(6)  Harewood Downs72
7th Ian Harris(10)  Thorndon Park72
7th Jake Warren(10)  The Shire London72
7th Paul Cross(6)  Welwyn Garden City72
7th Ross Snowdon(3)  Batchworth Park72
12th Jamie Slade(1) 73
12th Robert Beevers(4)  Burhill73
14th Martin Moore(7)  Copsewood Grange74
14th Zarig Cooper(6)  Muswell Hill74
14th Stewart Hart(10)  Royston74
14th Brendan O'Malley(4)  Sudbury74
14th Peter Rutter(2)  Royston74
14th Mike Ducker(-2)  Reigate Hill74
14th Thomas James(0) 74
21st DEAN LANNING(6)  Rochester & Cobham Park75
21st Paul Nelson(5)  Old Fold Manor Golf Club75
21st Seb Frankiss(1)  Muswell Hill75
21st Allan Trendell(1)  Stocks75
21st Alan Harvey(8)  The Shire London75
26th Obi Nnochiri(10)  Sudbury76
26th Ian Land(5)  Moor Allerton76
26th Thomas Wild(2)  Saffron Walden Golf Club76
26th Amar Virk(12)  The Shire London76
26th Antony Grebby(8)  Stockwood Park Golf Centre76
26th David Alder(10)  Sudbury76
26th Adrian Rodgers(10)  The Shire London76
33rd Jakob Lilliehook(9)  Essendon Country Club77
33rd Leyton Hardwick(-1)  Wentworth77
33rd Richard Land(7)  Finchley77
33rd Andrew Collie(0)  Welwyn Garden City77
33rd David Anderson-Moreton(4) 77
33rd Gary Fortune(13)  Royston77
39th paul Manion(11)  Grims Dyke78
39th David Sherman(13) 78
39th Yo Uchishiba(12) 78
39th ROBERT OSMOND(0)  Rochester & Cobham Park78
39th Romanur RAHMAN(10)  Sudbury78
39th Anish Yadav(9) 78
39th Chris Robinson(0)  Benton Hall Golf & Country Club78
46th Billy Field(4)  Boyce Hill79
46th Peter Prentice(4)  Royston79
46th Terry Bannister(10) 79
46th Dan Perfect(10)  Muswell Hill79
46th Paul Maunder(2)  West Middlesex79
51st James Ronald(13)  Braintree80
51st Zahid Yousaf(10)  Sudbury80
51st Dipesh Patel(9)  Sudbury80
54th Michael Charles(4)  Sandy Lodge Golf Club81
54th Lee Rogers(3)  Royston81
54th Danny Reynolds(6)  Old Fold Manor Golf Club81
57th Bill Stevenson(10)  Sudbury82
57th Stephen Prudence(7)  Rochester & Cobham Park82
59th David Walsh(12)  Sudbury83
59th Kilian Hynes(13)  Moor Park83
61st Damion Jackson(7) 84
61st Anthony Rodgers(13)  The Shire London84
63rd Ian Hall(13)  Berkhamsted85
63rd Tim Fox(-2)  The Gog Magog85
65th Scott Ballentine(11)  Royston86
66th Paul Mcavoy(0)  Harpenden Common87
67th Russell Rice(7)  WestonbirtNR

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