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South Herts assistant professional Dan Woods is pleased to offer golf coaching using the latest Launch Monitor Technology from SKYTRAK.  Whether hitting on the range or into a net, SKYTRAK provides key information to explain what is happening with your golf swing. Instant detailed readouts can be viewed stored and even sent to you in an email so that they can be stored as permanent records for future comparison.

The technology has a wide range of benefits including:

  • As part of a lesson: Understanding the cause of swing faults and learning what you can do to correct them with immediate feedback evidence to evaluate adjustments you make. The system will pick up:
    • Open of closed club face at impact, swing arc - out-to-in, in-to-out, angle of attack - steepness or shallowness
    • It will provide feedback metrics on individual strikes and averages over multiple strikes showing ball spin, side-spin, ball speed and launch angle.
    • It will show just how far the ball travelled in the air and rolled so you have an accurate read on the distances you hit each club
  • Getting fitted: When getting fitted for new clubs by looking at the metrics for your existing clubs and when trying new clubs you will be able to get comparison metrics which will aid club selection and customization.
  • Best Golf Ball for your game: When considering which ball best suits your game the system will show what the ball flight characteristics are when doing comparisons such as spin rate, ball compression, speed off the club face.
  • Individual Club distances: For your existing clubs you will be able to measure each club in terms of ball flight, carry and roll, to help understand exactly how far each club sends the ball and displayed on a single chart (see display) you can see the gaps, in terms of distance hit, between each club. Ideal for selecting gap wedges or the transition from irons to hydrids and woods.

Try this revolusionary golf development aid to see how it can help your game.

Dan Woods is fully trained in this technology and would be happy to help out. See below for pricing of various packages which can be with or without the Launch Monitor technology.


Contact Details

Individual lesson Prices: 

  • 30 minutes = £22
  • 45 minutes = £35


  • 6 x 30 minute lessons = £120
  • 6 x 45 minute lessons = £190

SkyTrak Launch Monitor session

  • 45 minute session = £35
  • 60 minute yardage check = £50

Dan Woods

  • Pro-shop Tel: 020 8445 4633
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @danwoodsgolf

Or call into the shop at anytime to book a session or discuss club and ball fitting using the SKYTRAK technology

Future Plans: South Herts Golf Club intends to develop an indoor hitting area incorporating World Golf Tour technology. This includes using a projector and screen to be able to view actual ball flight and roll in a graphical simulator to enhance the training experience.

What SkyTrak reveals

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Ball Flight

Club Comparison Metrics

Ball Flight Characteristics

Ball flight & Distance Comparison

Club Dispersion

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