South Herts Golf Club

Local Rules - To be updated Jan' 19 

In addition to the course card

Drainage trenches to be treated as GUR (Rule 25-1)

All marked GUR must take a compulsory drop, using dedicated drop zones

Young trees are identified by stakes/ tubes; if such a tree interferes with a players stance or the area of intended swing, the ball must be lifted, without penalty, and dropped in accordance with procedure laid down in Rule 24-2b ( Within one club length from the nearest point of relief)

Artificial Devices - (Rule 14-3) A Device that measures or gauges distance may be used for this purpose only. If such a device has additional functionality that measure or gauge other conditions that might affect a play’s play (e.g. elevation change, wind speed etc.)the use of any such function would be in breach of Rule 14-3.  Penalty: Disqualification

Health & Safety

Fog - Players are respectfully remind that when visibility is seriously curtailed due to fog, extreme caution must be exercised. Please seek guidance if it’s safe to play from any club official.

Thunder & Lighting - In the event of a thunder and lightning storm players are requested to stop play immediately and please exit the course or take Shelter in the provided storm shelters located around the course (8th/ 12th/ 16th)


November 2018

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