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Greenkeepers Updates

Update 26.01.18

A wet week seeing 43 mm of rainfall and month to date 88 mm, so much so the course was closed on Thursday but we managed to re-open Friday and prepare for the 2 stableford days at the weekend. Preparation included blowing all bunkers clear of tree debris, a full raking, hand cutting/rolling of greens, cutting of tees and changing of holes/setting up tee blocks.

Our Architect Alan Walker came to the course on Wednesday and inspected the changes to the lower part of the 9th green and required some changes, these were carried out on Thursday and Friday ready for him re-inspecting on Saturday. Some benches from on the course have been taken in for an overdue renovation and once finished the rest will then be done.

Update 19.01.18

Another week passes, and after a grim wet monday the weather has been reasonabily kind for working on the course. Tree moving/planting has been carried out in some of the plantations to create better spacing so allowing the trees to grow on better. Gravel banding [drainage ] work has been carried out in the roughs mainly wet areas at the end of paths this is to move the water away from the walking areas. The bunker front right of the second green is now complete after the turf was laid Tuesday.  Thursday was spent clear wood debris from thw storm that hit us in the early hours of that morning, luckily no trees were lost. Greens have had a hand cut, roll and are in good order so enjoy your golf.

Update 12.01.18

A busy week workwise thanks to the milder dry conditions, Greens were hand cut on Monday and again today, holes have been changed today and all bunkers raked ready for the weekend. Tees were cut, divoted, bins emptied and both ballwashers and divot boxes filled. Tees, Approaches and Collars were deep aerated with 18mm solid tines on the Verti-Drain and Fairways were brushed. 

Project wise, the smal front right bunkers on 2 has been re-built and will be turfed next Monday and back in play at Easter. Improvements to the irrigation on the 12th white tee [going from 2 sprinklers to 4] and the large 17th tee [going from 3 poorly positioned sprinklers to 4 well positioned] have been carried out along with some tree work down the right of the 3rd hole to try and improve the view to the first ditch from the main Tee.. 

Update 05.01.18

Happy New Year to all you members!

My first Blog of the year comes at a difficult time due to excessive rainfall of 97mm since Christmas Day. Yesterday I was close to stopping trolley use and going on to implementing carry only, however the forecast for the next 7 days after tomorrow is dry and cold so for now we are okay. Work on the course this week consisted of a deep 8mm solid aeration to the green and then a hand cut and roll, regurlar checking of ditch outlets to avoid blockages, and daily blowing of debris off greens and tees. The work planned for the 9th green to create some flatter areas to the front right and front left was carried out. This required the removal of a 5 metre width of turf across the green, removal of the thatch layer, adjustment of levels with rootzone, consolidation, final grading, fertilising and then re-turfing. So a temporary green will now be in play until around Easter, at which point the green will re-open including the new extension to the back and losing the front 3 metres of the green to approach.

Update 22.12.17

After a frosty start to the week, the return to mild dry weather has been excellent for preparing the courses for the Christmas period. Greens have been groom cut/rolled to 6mm with hand mowers and then brush/rolled ahead of an application of a dew suppresent product. Tees and Approaches have been cut and fairways brushed. All fairways and greens banks/bunkers have been blown clear of leaves, and all bunkers raked.

Four Willow trees have been pruned to help keep their weeping look (One right of the 3rd green, one on the 16th and the 2 on the right of the 18th). More Willows will be pruned in the New Year. 

A Happy Christmas and good golfing conditions to you all for Christmas.

Update 15.12.17

Well, since my last blog the snow arrived on Sunday morning and with 150mm of snow, the course closed and still remains closed as four greens 2nd, 4th, 9th and 13th still have a cover of snow/ice. We did manage to clear the 8th, 12th and 14th yesterday from late morning and will attemp to clear the remaining four greens today, however the cold wind is making it difficult to clear without damaging the grass plant. There will be a course inspection at 7 30am and by 8am we will update the course status.

Work we have been able to acheive while the course has been covered in snow, is that all machinery has been steam cleaned, ditches have been checked and cleared at there entrances.  All white, yellow and red tee blocks have been painted, car parks cleared of snow and salted.  All the greens hand mowers have been sharpened and new bottom blades fitted.  We have extended the working width of our fairway brush so to be more productive. I have also completed the Golf Course Annual Management Plan and listed the fertiliser/chemical requirements for 2018 and will now get quotations and then place orders including delivery dates so the club don't carry too much stock at any time.

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